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The colon (large intestine) has several important functions in the body. It absorbs water and several nutrients, it continues the digestive process, and it houses a large population of healthy, nutrient-producing bacteria (probiotics). It also balances pH (acid-alkaline) levels and suppresses harmful microbes including yeast. The colon also plays a critical role in the evacuation of toxic wastes.

If the colon becomes blocked with wastes, the toxins, dead cells and pathologic microbes (bacteria, fungae, viruses, and parasites) accumulate to produce a toxic burden within the colon that is absorbed into the body. This toxic burden also interferes with nutrient absorption and healing functions.

It is important to note that a toxic colon can play a part in many chronic illnesses.

Key Benefits

Increased energy, clearer thinking, better nutrient absorption, better body weight control, strengthened immune system, improved hormone balance

Keeping Your Colon Healthy

There are several factors critical to overall colon health. These include a high-fiber, whole-food diet (vegetable, fruits, grains) to protect, nourish and cleanse the colon; a high level of friendly bacteria or probiotics; a healthy mucosal lining inside the gut to defend against toxins and bacteria; regular waste elimination; muscle tone in the gut walls to push wastes out of the body; and an intact, well-functioning autonomic nervous system to regulate and oversee the gut function.

The colon must be cleansed regularly due to normal retention of fecal toxins and debris, which, if retained in the colon, escape into the blood and burden the liver, lymphatics, kidneys and most other organ systems.

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